How To Properly Plan For A Move Around Christmas

Moving your home and family is hard enough as it is, but that challenge can be made even greater if the move happens to be around a large holiday like Christmas. The stress of both moving and Christmas can be made a lot easier by properly planning your move.

Use the following tips to help manage your move and Christmas at the same time. All of these can be completed when using a moving company to help with your services.

Holiday Decorations

Before packing anything, you can help reduce the amount you have to pack. Set up only the essentials. Go through your boxes of holiday decorations. Discard the items you don’t need anymore, choose a select few to set up, and then pack the rest for the new home.

Instead of purchasing new decorations for the year, it’s a good idea to wait until the week after Christmas. You can find a number of decorations and styles that will fit into your new home. These decorations will be available at clearance prices and are easier to purchase once you’re in the new home.

New Traditions

Ease the stress of moving by planning new holiday traditions. The new home is the ideal place to start new traditions. Consider some of the following:

  • Holiday Games: Find some new games you can play for the holidays. This includes Christmas trivia or holiday charades.
  • Christmas Desserts: Pick a new dessert for the family to cook together. This can be a meal that is made in the new home every year.
  • Ornaments: Purchase a special ornament to commemorate your new home. This ornament can be a house ornament or start a new collection like sports-based ornaments.

Christmas Essentials

It’s important to keep the supplies out that you need for Christmas traditions. Instead of packing the following supplies in cardboard boxes, consider storing them in plastic totes for easy access for whatever house you need them for.

  • Wrapping Paper: Paper and other Christmas supplies should be within easy access. This will make stress a lot easier when planning out presents and gifts for extended family.
  • Cooking Supplies: The holidays often involve a lot of cooking. Keep pans, cookie trays, and cooking supplies within quick access so you can prepare Christmas meals as needed.

New Home Surprises

Work with a moving company (such as Freedom Movers, LLC) to help set up some new Christmas surprises for the house. This can be anything from furniture, electronics, or a special treat in the children’s room. A moving company likely has services that will unpack the items and set them up where you need them. This can act as a great Christmas surprise on top of the new house that the family is enjoying together.

It’s easy to get stressed out over the holidays. Take your time to plan as many details as possible and you can create a memorable Christmas.

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