Quick Tips For Choosing The Best Security Access System For Your Building

A security access system is found in virtually every type of building today, as companies need to control who comes in and out of their facilities and may also wish to keep a record or log of who accesses the building. There are many types of systems available, and while you want to invest in one that works for your needs, you also don’t want to overpay for a system or choose one that is more complicated than necessary. Consider a few tips on how to select the best security access system for you.

Consider Employee Turnover and Number of Employees

Businesses that have a high rate of employee turnover such as restaurants and bars may do well to issue security pass cards or codes, as these are individually programmed into a system and assigned to each employee. Once an employee leaves, their code can be eliminated from the system and they are denied access.

This system is also better when you have a number of employees who may need access to a building or certain entrance, as trying to make copies of keys for every employee and keep track of when they’re issued and collected can be cumbersome. One security code is also inefficient, as you would then need to change it after an employee quits to protect the building’s entrance. A computerized security access system with individual codes can track employee names or numbers and control access codes much more quickly and easily.

Consider Recording Employee and Visitor Access

A simple system that uses a code to open doors may not be enough if you want to keep track of every person who is accessing your facility. A system that tracks employee codes when entered can be used to ensure employees show up when they should, and can also be used in facilities where there is a risk of theft, such as banks, casinos, and the like. Tracking who is accessing the facility can ensure you know who was on the grounds at the time of a theft and can also be connected to your time clock and payroll programs.

Use Biometrics for Maximum Security

A biometrics security system uses a biological method of recognizing visitors, such as a fingerprint or scan of their retina. These systems are very expensive, but they offer maximum security, as it’s difficult to falsify a biometrics reading. These are best used in bank or casino vaults or in areas where utmost secrecy and security are required.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a new security access system, and be sure you invest in one that’s right for you without paying for a system that doesn’t actually serve your needs. Talk to a company like OST Systems Inc to learn more about the kinds of security systems available.

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