Top 4 Reasons Why Custom Vehicle Graphics Are Right For Your Small Business

Do you have a small business? Are you wondering how you can get more bang for your advertising buck? Whether you’re already considering it or you hadn’t thought of it before, here are some reasons why custom vehicle graphics can be part of a profitable advertising campaign:

Larger signs than usual: In order to help preserve the town’s look, many cities prohibit or restrict signs of a certain size. These signs may be much smaller than you were hoping for and not that useful for attracting customers. However, these same cities do not usually have prohibitions on custom vehicle graphics. If you have a business van, getting it wrapped in vinyl signage could give your company a large boost, in comparison to nearby businesses.

Mobile billboard: Billboards can be a costly proposition for small businesses. Depending on positioning, a billboard might run $700 to $2500 per month. For many small businesses, this cost is simply too high for their budget. But with custom vehicle graphics, a small business can spend approximately that much once and have a mobile billboard that easily lasts a year or more. Think of all the places you visit with your business, or even personal, vehicle. Are there potential customers at the grocery store? At traffic lights? In the neighborhoods of your preexisting customers? The answer to these questions is almost definitely in the affirmative.

Safety: With your vehicle covered in custom vehicle graphics, it will be more visible to other drivers and potentially help reduce traffic accidents. In addition, it provides credibility and visibility for any employees that have to make house calls or visit other businesses in the course of their work. Other people will instantly be aware of exactly who the driver is and what they’re doing there. This can help give your customers peace of mind, knowing that your employee is affiliated with your company and isn’t a home invader masquerading as someone from your company.

Easy installation and removal: Although a vinyl wrap can stay in place for over a year, installation and removal are a snap when handled by professionals. Both will take a matter of hours, depending on vehicle size. When the custom vehicle graphics are removed, the original paint will be intact and undamaged. In fact, because the vinyl has been covering and protecting the vehicle, you will find that the paint job on your wrapped vehicle is in better condition than other vehicles of a similar age. This makes custom vehicle graphics ideal for even leased vehicles.

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