Custom Shipping Boxes For Your Business

Not every product sold and shipped has to arrive in a plain cardboard box. Since so many people now order products online, they need to be shipped out, and this is an excellent opportunity to have customized boxes made that can really make a lasting impact. Having custom boxes made will help you get noticed, stand out from the crowd, and give your customers a memorable experience from the moment they open the box containing your products. Boxes that have colorful logos and branding can contribute to repeat business and helps to boost consumer confidence. You can enlist the help from a custom shipping and box printing company like Associated Paper & Supply who can tailor your boxes to suit the specific needs you have. 


Aside from just sending your products in a standard plain cardboard box, add your logo or other printed material to the box to help with your company’s branding. Customers will remember your products and come back repeatedly if they receive a box that helps them remember who you are. You can add color, taglines, or just your main logo to the boxes. It’s also recommended you print the website for your business on the box. Two-color printed options as well as premiere high gloss, full color options are available so you can determine which option is the most cost effective or the best route for your company. Corrugated boxes are also a popular choice for many retailers, and offer a nice sturdy container to ship with. 

Other Aspects

Of course, a standard square or rectangle shaped box is the most commonly used type of shipping box. You can also opt to have a custom made box designed to help your packages stand out. These can be extra long, round, or they can be any number of different shape and size options to give the shipment an extremely unique look. Using boxes that are custom fit to your specific products can be a real money saver since no additional packaging needs to be used. It will also give the package a unique look.

In addition to the shape and size, the packing material can also make an impact. Packing peanuts are commonly used to help protect the contents inside of the box from getting damaged in shipping. You can also used shredded paper that can be added in almost any color, giving the contents a nice presentation. The tape used to seal the box can be customized as well. Instead of just clear tape, you can have packing tape printed up with your logo designs, adding to the box’s overall look.

Custom Boxes and Your Business

Having a box custom made can do many different things to help your business:

  • Increase levels of quality: customers enjoy receiving orders with high quality boxes, and it indicates that the product itself is high quality as well.
  • Brand recognition: using boxes that are custom printed will help customers remember your company and create brand recognition.
  • Provides information: you can also decide to include extra information on the box such as the weight, the contents, or even instructions for what is inside. This extra information gives customers a sense that you are thorough and are providing a good, quality product. 
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Three Services That Can Change The Way You Manage Documents For Your Business

Managing documents for your business can be a challenging task. You will need to have them safely stored and be able to access them, print them, and dispose of some of them. Today, many services can help businesses better manage their documents. Some of these services can be things like cloud hosting, collocation, and managed print services. If you want to change the way your business handles documents, here are three services that can help you.

1. Cloud Hosting Services For Documents

Cloud hosting can be used for many different business services, such as hosting a website or business tools. It can also be used to host documents, and it gives a business many advantages over conventional local network storage. With cloud storage solutions, a business will be able to access documents from places outside of the office, such as mobile phones or laptops at conventions. These services can also be connected to print services, which can allow documents to be printed through the cloud hosting service. Managed print services can help you set these features up through VPN connections, so your business documents will still be safe.

2. Collocation Hosting For Secure Data Hosting

It is important that documents that businesses use are stored safely. Collocation hosting is another type of hosting that can help to keep business information safe. It works much like storing backups of documents in different physical locations. This can help to protect documents and other important business information from things like natural disasters that may strike a data center. It also makes documents available to businesses no matter what happens. If one data center is down, for example, you will still have access to your business data because it will not be affected by a problem in just one location.

3. Managed Print Services

Managed print services are another service that you can employ to manage documents for your business. These services will help with the management of your network and devices, to ensure that you have your documents available whenever you need them. They can also help you with the planning of infrastructure and other things to manage your documents. The managed print services will also help you as technology changes and you need to make changes to your business.

Using some of these services for your business can help you better manage documents and be more productive. If you want to get started with some of these services, contact a print management service, such as SupplyLine Inc., to find out how they can help you.

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