Questions Dentists Should Ask Themselves About Their Website

Are you a dentist trying to decide if your website is out of date? Are you concerned that potential clients dislike your website? Do you think your site is inferior to other dental websites? These questions should help you to decide whether or not to update your internet presence: 

Is it modern?  When the concept of business websites began, it was easy for most people to either build their own site or hire a local teenager to do the basic design. You’d pick a basic template and add in a moving digital image of a dancing tooth. Nowadays, in order to stay competitive, dental websites need to be compatible with smartphones, tablets and netbooks. They need to be free of clutter so they’ll load quickly on any device. 

Is it user friendly?  People prefer fonts that are familiar and are easy to read, so avoid elaborate fonts. Use the same font size on each page to make it easy for them to scan your content for what they want. Keep the same font style on each page so that your site has a uniform feel. Each link on each page should be linked in a consistent manner. For example, if you have the navigation on the left on your homepage, then do not move it to the right on your contact page. Each link should be double-checked to make sure it isn’t broken. You should also make sure that the links go to the correct pages within your site. Visitors leave quickly if a site isn’t easy to use, so you may want to ask a trusted friend to give you a frank and open review of your site.

Is it eye-appealing?  You may like the purples and golds of your favorite sport team, but your website should be more neutral so as to appeal to your diverse clientele. Black text on a white or gray background with pops of color in the header or sidebar provide the right amount of contrast without it being overwhelming. Avoid too small text or too much text on one page. Visitors like enough white space so that they don’t feel crowded while scanning. 

Does it offer relevant information?  Visitors to dental websites are looking for a wide variety of material. Some could be looking for your opinions on dental floss brands. Others might be searching for reviews on toothbrushes. A new mother might want to read about when her child should start visiting your office. A teenager might want to read about how braces help their teeth. Offering relevant articles is a way to show that you proactively answer their questions, even before they come in for a visit. Including material that goes beyond your contact information conveys your commitment to be informative and helpful to your clients.

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The Role Of Temporary Employment In The CDL Industry

Truck driver jobs, also known as CDL jobs, require a commercial driver’s license. With a CDL, people may be able to earn authorization to drive commercial vehicles for a variety of companies. The general CDL knowledge test includes 50 questions. Additional tests may be required for specific endorsements, in order to drive specific types of vehicles. Types of endorsements include hazardous materials, double or triple trailer, tank, passenger, or school bus endorsements. The number of questions on the endorsement tests range from 20 to 30 questions. Information can be found about obtaining a CDL license through the DMV website, where one can also learn about different classes of CDL drivers, such as Class A, B, and C.

CDL jobs may be found through temporary employment agencies. These agencies may have partnerships with companies seeking specific skills. Safety and professionalism are important to CDL temporary staffing agencies. They may also seek specific experience or skills, depending on the types of companies they work with. The types of jobs that may be filled through temporary agencies include jobs with private fleets, logistics companies, or carriers. Other jobs may simply be local pick-up, unloading, or delivery services. Some jobs may be contract-to-hire, and some may be seasonal.

The benefits of working with a temperate staffing company as a commercial driver includes flexibility and benefits. An agency will typically screen and test drivers before they are placed. The types of screening that are required may include verification of all past employment, references, and more within a specific time period. These agencies may have various payment agreements; so it’s important to understand how you will be paid as a truck driver with a staffing company. There are also various compliance requirements; therefore, the time between applying and hearing from a company may depend on those requirements. 

The duration and hours required for temporary jobs can vary according to season or availability. It may or may not be possible to work 40 hours per week as a truck driver with a temporary assignment.  The driving assignments may range from part-time to full-time. It can be helpful to ask a lot of questions to make sure that the temporary assignment is right for your needs. The types of clients that temporary companies may work with  include national and local commercial customers.

Companies may use staffing companies to increase the efficiency of their business. This can be especially useful during different seasons or business cycles. There may be specific times when business is busier than other times of the year. Also, some companies may prefer to temporarily hire a driver before hiring them full time. Another reason that companies use temporary staffing companies for their commercial driving needs includes replacing someone who is injured, on vacation, or someone who suddenly leaves. Therefore, for businesses, there are can be various benefits to using a temporary staffing agency, like Montu Staffing Solutions, for their CDL driver needs.

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3 Hidden Ways A Temporary Staffing Agency Saves Your Company Money

Using a temporary staffing agency and even an agency for finding permanent staff can be a great choice for any company. A temp agency can provide you with workers during someone’s absence or when you have a special project for which you need assistance. Using such an agency can also save your company money in a variety of ways; consider a few of those ways here.

1. You don’t need to go through applications and interviews

In any organization, time is money and if you can save your own staff from reviewing applications and conducting interviews, you are actually saving money. Your staff can spend their time on more productive activities that improve your company’s bottom line. Instead of spending their time speaking to prospective employees, they might work on a human resources budget to see where cuts and savings can be made or call on customers and speak about ways to improve. The more time you save for your staff, the more money you save for your company. A temp agency can be a great choice for this reason alone.

2. Temp agencies can conduct drug screening and background checks

It’s important for companies today to conduct background checks for employees and to ensure that theirs is a drug-free workplace, but doing this for every employee can be very costly. A temp agency usually does this for all the workers they have on staff and may do so routinely, so that you know that even if you’ve used the same temporary personnel in the past, they are current with their checks and screenings. This saves you money and time since you don’t have to find a screening company or wait for results to come back. 

3. You save on additional taxes and other hidden costs with temporary personnel

When you hire someone permanently, even if they’re a part-time employee, you need to pay additional taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay, and many other hidden costs that you probably didn’t even consider for them. A worker’s salary is not the only cost you’ll incur for personnel but when you hire a temp through an agency, you only pay the agency as you would any other vendor. They, in turn, take care of payroll taxes, sick time, and the like. You don’t pay a temp for any time they’re not in the office, such as for vacations or for when they’re out sick. This too can save your company money overall.

Contact a temporary staffing agency, like BIRK Staffing & Technical Services, if you’re interested in exploring your options in temporary hires.

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