3 Hidden Ways A Temporary Staffing Agency Saves Your Company Money

Using a temporary staffing agency and even an agency for finding permanent staff can be a great choice for any company. A temp agency can provide you with workers during someone’s absence or when you have a special project for which you need assistance. Using such an agency can also save your company money in a variety of ways; consider a few of those ways here.

1. You don’t need to go through applications and interviews

In any organization, time is money and if you can save your own staff from reviewing applications and conducting interviews, you are actually saving money. Your staff can spend their time on more productive activities that improve your company’s bottom line. Instead of spending their time speaking to prospective employees, they might work on a human resources budget to see where cuts and savings can be made or call on customers and speak about ways to improve. The more time you save for your staff, the more money you save for your company. A temp agency can be a great choice for this reason alone.

2. Temp agencies can conduct drug screening and background checks

It’s important for companies today to conduct background checks for employees and to ensure that theirs is a drug-free workplace, but doing this for every employee can be very costly. A temp agency usually does this for all the workers they have on staff and may do so routinely, so that you know that even if you’ve used the same temporary personnel in the past, they are current with their checks and screenings. This saves you money and time since you don’t have to find a screening company or wait for results to come back. 

3. You save on additional taxes and other hidden costs with temporary personnel

When you hire someone permanently, even if they’re a part-time employee, you need to pay additional taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, holiday pay, and many other hidden costs that you probably didn’t even consider for them. A worker’s salary is not the only cost you’ll incur for personnel but when you hire a temp through an agency, you only pay the agency as you would any other vendor. They, in turn, take care of payroll taxes, sick time, and the like. You don’t pay a temp for any time they’re not in the office, such as for vacations or for when they’re out sick. This too can save your company money overall.

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