Decrease Costs And Increase Efficiency – Advantages Of A VOIP Phone System For Small Businesses

Many people who start a small business do so because they have a passion or talent for a particular industry. Often this doesn’t extend to having a deep knowledge of the best ways to handle the day to day operations of the business. Making sure that your employees can be easily contacted is very important, and an efficient phone system is a first step in doing so.

Voice over internet protocol, or VOIP, phone systems are becoming an increasingly popular method of communications for offices throughout the United States. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the advantages for your business, allowing you to stay connected and stay on the cutting edge of business technologies.

Cost Effectiveness

Small business owners are frequently looking to save money in as many ways as possible, and a VOIP phone system is a great way to do so. Standard phone systems require service calls and additional line costs every time you need a new phone hookup, creating a cost disincentive to expand your business.

VOIP systems operate based on your existing internet service, allowing you to easily install new phone locations at various locations throughout your office. It will also allow you to relocate existing phone stations, keeping your office flexible and allowing you to respond to your needs without additional costs.

Off Site Access

The nature of small businesses often requires employees to be involved in multiple aspects of the operation. This means that important personnel may be out of the office at unpredictable times, making it hard to contact them or making it hard for them to access voicemails for important information.

A VOIP system can be easily integrated into cell phones or other technology, guaranteeing that your employees are never out of reach. This can allow you to serve your customers much more efficiently, increasing your reputation and putting you in a position to offer the service that could make you an industry leader.

Efficient Customer Service

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a company over the phone understands the frustration of confusing and complicated phone systems. Standard terrestrial phone lines often require these lengthy setups, as they aren’t designed to be highly responsive. Your VOIP system, however, can be programmed to be voice activated, directly accessible via directory, or simply routed directly to an operator. Having all of these options available will allow you to get in quicker contact with your customers and shed the frustration that they may be facing.

For more information, contact Garden State Communications, Inc. or a similar company.

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How To Prepare Your Leather Shoes For Your Self-Storage Unit

If you have some leather shoes that you know you will not be wearing for a while, instead of cluttering up your closet, you should store them in your self-storage unit. However, you shouldn’t just throw them in your storage unit. If you want to keep them in good shape, you will need to do a little prep work first.

Best Storage Unit For Your Leather Shoes

The best type of storage unit to store items such as leather shoes in are climate controlled storage units. You want to avoid storage units that experience extreme temperature changes between hot and cold.

Having to endure extreme differences in temperature can speed up the process of wearing out your shoes. The fibers in your leather shoes will break down more quickly when not stored in a stable environment.

Cleaning Your Leather Shoes

Before you store your leather shoes, you need to clean them. Leftover dirt and debris can attract bugs to your shoes that find that kind of thing yummy. Dirt and other debris, left unclean and untouched for months, can result in the leather on your shoes degrading over time.

First off, if your shoes are wet, you should allow them to dry before you even think about putting them in your storage unit. Storing wet shoes can lead to mold and mildew down the road, which are both things you want to avoid.

Once your shoes are dry, you should use a scratch-free soft brush to remove any dirt that has accumulated on your leather shoes. You can purchase a scratch-free soft brush at your local shoes store or even at your local department store. You do not want to use a brush with stiff bristles, because it will leave marks on your leather shoes.

Next, if your leather shoes have any scuffs on them, you will want to use a leather cleaner on them. You can purchase a leather cleaner at most shoe stores. You will apply the cleaner with a soft cloth, allow it to sit the recommended amount of time on your shoes, and then wipe it off. 

Finally, before placing your leather shoes in storage, you should also polish them. Cream polishes usually work best for leather. You will want to apply the cream in a circular motion. Take your time and be sure to polish the entire shoe. Then, take a second clean cloth and go over your shoes to remove any excess polish.

Packing Up Your Shoes

The best way to keep your shoes safe inside of your storage unit is by placing them inside of boxes.

If you still have the original shoe boxes, place your shoes inside of them. If you go this route, be sure to label your shoeboxes so you know what is inside.

If you don’t have the original shoe boxes, one of the best alternatives is small clear plastic storage bins. That way, you can see what’s inside of the bin and your shoes will be protected from the elements.

Regardless of if you store your leather shoes inside of their original boxes or in plastic bins, you should stuff them with acid free paper. This will help your leather shoes keep their shape without compromising the integrity of your shoes. Alternatively, you could also use shoe trees as well.

If you need a little extra space in your house, a climate controlled self-storage unit can be a great place to store your leather shoes that you are not using right now. Just make sure you take the time to properly clean and pack them up in order to maintain the integrity of your shoes.

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What To Do When Your Early-bird or Red-eye Flight Makes It Unsafe To Drive

If your flight is departing or leaving at an atrocious hour, it is important to consider how safe it will be for you to drive when you arrive at your destination. Whether it is a lack of sleep on an uncomfortable flight or the common use of prescribed medications for anxiety, here are some reasons why using an airport taxi service is not just the convenient choice, it is also the safest choice. 

Terrifying Statistics Of Driving While Drowsy

Driving while you are suffering from a lack of sleep is a national problem that costs lives every year. For instance, the Center for Disease Control reports that the level of impairment after only 18 hours without sleep is similar to that of someone with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .05%.. After a full day, which would not be unusual on a long flight or one that required transfers, your symptoms exceed those of someone with a BAC of 0.10%.

That means that if you go a full day without sleep for any reason, you are as unsafe to drive in ANY state in the United States as someone who is legally drunk. In addition, if you had even a single in-flight drink or a shot at the bar recently, your symptoms would be even more significant.  

With that data in mind, there is simply no reason to consider driving home, to work or to your hotel. Almost every airport would have access to some sort of taxi service.

The Use Of Meds While Flying Should Not Happen If You Will Be Driving

In today’s world, physicians are often able to prescribe medication to help you sleep or avoid a panic attack while flying. Unfortunately, while you might never consider taking these prescriptions during your usual driving routine, it’s easy to do it while traveling. It is also important to point out that if you only use those medications while traveling, it can be difficult to be sure how strongly they will impact you. Even if the medicine was prescribed to you by your physician, they could still have side effects.

Did you know that even legal drugs can subject you to DUIs and DWIs? Therefore, if you need medication to get through a flight or to catch some sleep before your big meeting, make sure that you call a taxi service, like Turbo Cab. This is the only safe way to get where you need to go.

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