What To Do When Your Early-bird or Red-eye Flight Makes It Unsafe To Drive

If your flight is departing or leaving at an atrocious hour, it is important to consider how safe it will be for you to drive when you arrive at your destination. Whether it is a lack of sleep on an uncomfortable flight or the common use of prescribed medications for anxiety, here are some reasons why using an airport taxi service is not just the convenient choice, it is also the safest choice. 

Terrifying Statistics Of Driving While Drowsy

Driving while you are suffering from a lack of sleep is a national problem that costs lives every year. For instance, the Center for Disease Control reports that the level of impairment after only 18 hours without sleep is similar to that of someone with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .05%.. After a full day, which would not be unusual on a long flight or one that required transfers, your symptoms exceed those of someone with a BAC of 0.10%.

That means that if you go a full day without sleep for any reason, you are as unsafe to drive in ANY state in the United States as someone who is legally drunk. In addition, if you had even a single in-flight drink or a shot at the bar recently, your symptoms would be even more significant.  

With that data in mind, there is simply no reason to consider driving home, to work or to your hotel. Almost every airport would have access to some sort of taxi service.

The Use Of Meds While Flying Should Not Happen If You Will Be Driving

In today’s world, physicians are often able to prescribe medication to help you sleep or avoid a panic attack while flying. Unfortunately, while you might never consider taking these prescriptions during your usual driving routine, it’s easy to do it while traveling. It is also important to point out that if you only use those medications while traveling, it can be difficult to be sure how strongly they will impact you. Even if the medicine was prescribed to you by your physician, they could still have side effects.

Did you know that even legal drugs can subject you to DUIs and DWIs? Therefore, if you need medication to get through a flight or to catch some sleep before your big meeting, make sure that you call a taxi service, like Turbo Cab. This is the only safe way to get where you need to go.

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