Great Steps To Help You Get Through The Moving Porcess

Moving – much like with a lot of things in life – can be stressful. When you take these steps, moving into a new home doesn’t have to be as labor-intensive or as stressful.

Utilize Forearm Moving Straps

Lifting large items by hand isn’t the smartest strategy, as this increases your chances of throwing out your back. Instead, you and another person can use forearm moving straps. After putting the straps around your forearm, the other ends go underneath the object you and a friend are lifting. The lifting effort won’t be as great, so you don’t have to exert as much energy or risk getting injured.

These straps can adjust, which helps you move any sized object such as furniture or a large television set. Thanks to unique webbing, these straps are extremely durable. They are not prone to ripping apart – giving you a peace of mind when moving large things.

Rent Out a Moving Truck

If you are going to be moving without the help of a professional company, it’s imperative to have a moving truck. These trucks can be rented out, so you don’t have to worry about making a long-term investment and spending a lot of money.

There are different sizes of trucks – which are sized according to the number of rooms they hold. In order to have a peace of mind throughout the whole process, it’s a good idea to get insurance for the truck. In the event that you crash the truck or damage it, you don’t have to pay for a thing.

With a moving truck, all of your items can be placed comfortably inside. You then only have to make one trip from the old home to the new one.

Get Help From Recycling Pickup Services

Throughout the move, you may come to realize that a lot of personal belongings are not going to be needed for the new place. In this instance, you can get help from a recycling pickup service. These companies bring out large dump trucks, which can hold whatever items you don’t need.

Some things these companies can recycle include electronics, furniture, scrap metal and appliances. Unused items are not taken to a landfill – where they just pile up and harm the environment. After the company is finished, they can even sweep your property to make it look nice for the next residents.

If you are moving to a new residence, it’s a good idea to take these steps. They can help you move all of your items in an efficient manner. To learn more, contact a company like Elite Truck Rental.

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Self Storage Tips For Your Restaurant And Catering Business

Your retail space is at a premium, so storing off-season items and surplus product for your restaurant can quickly become cost prohibitive. Utilizing a self storage unit can help you expand your restaurant’s services without the need for moving into a bigger location. Proper storage is the secret to making offsite storage work for you.

Dining Furniture

Outside dining expands your seating area in good weather, but finding winter storage in your already-full backroom can border on the impossible. Don’t make the mistake of leaving everything chained up outside, though. This only increases the chances of weather damage, vandalism, and theft.

When storing furniture in a self-storage unit, first make sure it is completely clean. Dirt and food debris can attract pests to your unit. Lay pallet on the floor and then stack the furniture on top. The pallets protect the furniture from any moisture. You will also want to cover everything with a cloth dropcloth, which keeps the dust off while still allowing air circulation.

Catering Equipment

Catering can add a lot to your bottom line, but you need to store the extra equipment when it’s not in use. Some examples of equipment you may not need in your restaurant on a daily basis include:

  • Tableware and glassware

  • Portable grills and ovens

  • Chafing dishes

  • Serving platters

  • Utensils

  • Linens

  • Serving carts and trays

Making sure everything is clean is the most important part of storage. You will want to package glassware, tableware and utensils in sturdy storage boxes to prevent breakage. Plastic tubs work well for storing all of your equipment, because they protect items from dirt, pests and breakage. Label everything clearly so you can find it quickly when you have a job.

Product Surplus

You may not have enough on-site storage space if you order product and food in bulk. Storage units work best for canned and dry goods with a long shelf life. Choose a climate-controlled unit so there is no chance of spoilage. It’s advisable to use shelves in the unit to hold product – never set anything on the floor. Follow the same “first in, first out” and safe food storage procedures as you would in your restaurant.

A storage unit near your restaurant is your best option, so you can retrieve items quickly when you need them. The main exception is if you mainly use storage for the catering side of your business. It may be better to select a unit that is centrally located to your main catering territory.

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