Decorating Your Front Porch To Show Your American Pride

If you wish to show pride for your country, there are several ways you can incorporate this into your home’s decor. Many people enjoy dressing up the front of their home in a way that shows their personality, and showing American pride is one way to accomplish showing dedication to your country to others. Here are some ideas you can use to show your patriotism by adding it to the decor on your front porch.

American Wreath

Place a wreath on your front door showing your love for your country. Grab a wire hanger from your closet and bend it into a circular shape. Cut squares or rectangles out of red, white, and blue cloth to be attached to the wreath. Starting from the top of the circle on the hanger, fold a piece of cloth in half around the wire and tie it in a double-knot so the ends are facing outward.

Alternate colored pieces of cloth as you go around, adding them until they reach the other side of the circle. Tie a few around the base of the hanging portion of the hanger to fill in the gap. Hang on your front door when completed. To make it even more patriotic, place small flags into the bottom center of your wreath by pushing the flagpoles between layers of cloth. The flags will stand upright to be seen in the middle of your wreath arrangement.

American Flag

Screw a flag holder to your front porch so you can place a large American flag inside to be seen by all. Many homes have an American flag, like those from Waterloo Flag & Flagpole Company, on their front porch as a symbol of the homeowner’s love for their country. Proper flag etiquette suggests that when you are facing your home, looking at the front porch from your front yard, the flag pole goes on the left-hand side. Illuminate your flag at night by turning on your front porch light or by using a spotlight highlight the flag’s presence. 

American Luminaries

Collect some large glass jars, such as the type that tomato sauce or pickles are packaged inside. Take off any labels by soaking the jars in warm water so you can peel or scrape them from the glass. Use acrylic paint to paint flags or other red, white, and blue designs on the outsides of the jars. Place a candle inside each jar to light at night, showing your American spirit as the flame illuminates the patriotic colors on the glass. Set one on each of your porch steps to be enjoyed by people passing by.

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