Big Problems With AC Units

Obviously, if HVAC guys (from companies like Universal Refrigeration) have responded to your call, they’re at your home to fix your broken air-conditioning system. But what are the most common reasons why systems fail to provide comfort in your home? Read on to discover some of the ‘usual suspects’ when it comes to fixing common AC problems.

Age of the System

Air-conditioning systems are only engineered to stand up to high seasonal use and the outdoor environment for so long. After a number of years, they’re going to have a high rate of failure unless they get replaced. Contractors are going to tell you this, but whether you listen to them is up to you.


Another common problem is that parts of the air-conditioning system simply get clogged. Too many homeowners and others don’t know that they need to change the air filter in the system every three months. Otherwise, the cool air has a hard time getting through, and it puts more wear on the system, until it can eventually break down. The same goes for other internal parts of the system, such as evaporator coils. If a good filter isn’t in place, pet hair or other contaminants can get into the system and ruin air-conditioning parts. Then there’s also the condensation line outside, so check if birds are building nests in your outdoor systems or if anything else is getting in the way of free airflow.

Frozen Units

In some cases, the refrigerant runs wild and actually freezes the system. Then you’re not going to be able to get the results you need out of an air conditioning system. This is another common type of problem that air-conditioning people see in the field.

Excessive Demands

In some cases, the system is working, but it’s just not able to cool the air fast enough. You might have a 100° day where people are trying to get the house down to 70. Sometimes, the air-conditioning contractors come out and tell you that it’s just not going happen—your system might not be broken per se, but it can’t keep up with performance demands. Here, the customer has a choice—whether to work within the constraints of their system, or get a new, more powerful air conditioner.

Knowing about all of these common problems will help you to be a little more aware about why you’re calling out air-conditioning repair people for service calls and how you can get a more sustainable AC solution for your home.