Four Decorating Tips For Event Planners

As an event planner and decorator, you are tasked with turning the plainest banquet hall or event center into a magical place for each event you plan. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can be used in every space. Having these in your arsenal will save you time and energy when you are working to develop your decoration plan.

Tip #1: Start With the Ceiling

Adding d├ęcor to the ceiling is one of the quickest ways to dress a room up. This is especially true in rooms with relatively basic ceiling designs. Those with more ornate ceilings, such as crown molding or decorative insets, may not require dressing up.

Skip crepe paper, which brings to mind children’s birthday parties, and instead use long, 1 foot wide lengths of fabric. You can radiate them out from a central point in the ceiling, as you would crepe paper, or you can attach them in rows so they billow like sails. Twinkle lights placed behind the fabric billows can create a very pretty effect.

Tip #2: Dress Up the Tables

Most banquet halls provide simple table cloths, and some may even provide a choice of colors. You can further personalize the look by adding a contrasting color on top. There are several ways to do this. If you have a color choice, opt for napkin colors that contrast with but complement the tablecloth color. Or place a small square cloth in a contrasting cover over the basic bottom cloth on a round table. Finally, you can use tulle or fabric strips to create a contrasting swag around the base of buffet tables.

Tip #3: Cover the Chairs

Creating custom chair covers to match each event you plan may seem expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Inexpensive fabric, such as tulle, is available in a multitude of colors. Simple wrap a length around the back of each chair and tie it in a knot to create a quick yet attractive cover. You can also use wide ribbon tied in a bow around the back of each chair.

Tip #4: Make an Entrance

Finally, make sure the first impression is the best impression. Take some time to decorate the entrance so it stands apart. This will put the guest in the proper mood for the occasion right from the beginning. Use fabric swags or artificial garlands to camouflage the plain door frame. Twinkle lights can lend a pleasant look, and they may help soften any fluorescent light in the entrance area of the building. If your client is using fresh flowers for their event, such as at a wedding reception, frame the entrance with two tall vases displaying the same flowers.

For more decorating tips, work with a company like Itoo Society Banquet Inc to see what they already have on hand that you can use.