Keeping Customers Happy In Your New Coin-Operated Laundromat

If you had just rented or bought a building to use for a laundromat business, you will most likely want to retain and draw in new customers by offering services and amenities that will make their lives easier when doing laundry. Here are a few tips to help you get your business started and to keep your customers coming back to wash and dry their clothing time and time again.

Offer Appliance Size Choices

When starting your business, make sure you have several different-sized washing machines and dryers. Some of your customers may come from apartment complexes that have laundry facilities on-site. Since they will be limited in number of units, they will be coming to your business to save time. Having enough machines to go around will increase your customer base as they will know they can come to your facility without needing to wait to get their laundry done. Make sure you have both an industrial strength washer and drier on the premises to help customers dry thicker bedding or carpets.

Give The Heat Benefit

Setting driers to warm temperatures so clothing will not need to go through several cycles to get them dry will also help you retain customers. Many laundry businesses make the mistake in setting dryers to lower temperatures in an attempt to gain more coins to get clothing dried. This will upset customers, leaving you with less money as a result.

Offer Laundry Services

Some customers may enjoy the benefit of having someone else do their washing, drying and folding for them. Offer this service to those who are in a rush or who do not wish to hang around the laundromat doing their laundry themselves. You will need to hire someone to do this job, but the amount you will make from customers will quickly offset the cost of payroll. This person can also be in charge of maintaining appliances and helping customers as needed.

Set Up Appropriate Areas

Customers will need a space to wait for their laundry to finish. Add benches or chairs along several walls so they have a spot to relax while waiting. Offer magazines, newspapers, and children’s books on tables to give customers something to browse as they wait for their clothing to become clean. Make sure you have several counters available throughout the establishment. These will be needed so customers have space to fold their clothing after it is dry. Offer a snacks and drinks via coin-operated machine so guests can enjoy a treat while waiting. Place this near a table and chairs so guests can eat and drink away from folding areas.

Offer Discounts For Loyalty

Have cards available that customers can take offering a percentage off wash/dry/fold services after they have used it several times. This will keep them coming back for repeat service as they will be promised a lower price in the future.

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3 Tips To Help You With A DIY Fish Pond Project And Keep Water Clean

Water features can be a great addition to your home. There are many different types of features to choose from, such as rivers, streams, waterfalls and fish ponds. If you want to have a little bit of everything, including plants and animals, a DIY fish pond can be a great project. You will also want to be sure that you do it right to control the water and keep it clean and healthy for wildlife. Here are some tips to help you with your DIY fish pond project:

1. Choose A Durable Liner To Keep The Water In Your Pond

There are many different choices when shopping for a liner for your pond. If you are just building a small fish pond, there are plastic inserts that can be used to create your pond. For the larger custom designs, you will want to use a rubber-like material like EPDM membranes. Look at the thickness of the liner and try to get one that is thicker if you want to have a more durable liner for your fish pond. Thin liners can easily be punctured, causing the pond to lose water, as well as allowing sediments to get in.

2. Add Waterfalls And Pond Skimmers To Keep Debris Out Of The Pond

There are also many devices that can be done to keep the water clean. Keeping the water moving can be a great way to prevent insects from nesting in the water. You can add a waterfall to ensure that water is always moving. To deal with other debris like leaves and pollen, install a pond skimmer, which can remove any floating debris from the top of the water.

3. Get The Right Size Pump For The Amount Of Water And Wildlife In Your Pond

There is also the issue of the pump, which will need to be the right size for your pond. If you are building a smaller pond, you can find many solar pumps that will work just fine. For a larger custom pond, you will want to have a larger pump that may need to have electrical wiring to power it. Larger pumps can also be good if you want to add features like fountains to your fish pond.

These are some tips to help you with your DIY fish pond project. If you are ready to start your water garden project, contract a manufacturer of pond liners to get what you need to get started making your fish pond.

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