Tips For Caring For Your Pressure Washer Through The Winter Season

With the winter temperatures dropping, your risk of a frozen pressure washer goes up. If this is your first winter owning a pressure washer, it’s important that you know how to properly care for it. While the best place for the pressure washer is in a heated garage environment, you may find that you have to take it on the road to respond to calls. Here are some tips to help you protect it from those cold winter temperatures.

Travel Considerations

If you’re only traveling a short distance, you may be able to do so with little risk of freezing, but only if the distance is only a mile or two in most cases. Also, keep in mind that temperatures can fluctuate by several degrees in most areas, so an advertised temperature of 35 degrees could still expose your pressure washer to freezing temperatures if it’s uninsulated on the road.

Consider insulating the enclosure of the truck that you transport the pressure washer in. Apply foam panel insulation to the inside surfaces of the enclosure, covering the entire area for the best results. In addition, if your pressure washer has a water heater and recirculation, you can engage those and put the wand in the water tank.

Overnight Storage Tips

Pressure washers are especially vulnerable to freezing overnight, when temperatures reach their lowest. Put a small water pump into the water tank to help keep the water circulating. Keeping the water in motion will help reduce the risk of freezing. You can also wrap the lines and the tank in heat tape to keep some warmth in the washer.

Longer Storage Tips

If your pressure washing business operates only during the warmer season, you may be putting your pressure washer up for the winter. If you want to be sure that it doesn’t freeze during the storage time, you can treat the tank with antifreeze. Empty the float tank, then fill it with antifreeze. Start the pressure washer and push the water out, replacing it with antifreeze. You’ll probably need several gallons of antifreeze to flush the water completely.

Pull the spray nozzle from the wand and put it into the antifreeze in the float tank. Run the system to recirculate the antifreeze for two to three minutes while you engage the trigger handle intermittently to draw antifreeze into the bypass line. This ensures that the pump, hoses and coils are all protected.

With these tips, you can get your pressure washer safely through the winter no matter what your plans are for it. For more information about pressure washers, go to   

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Avoid Noise Complaints By Transforming A Storage Unit Into A Place For Band Rehearsal

Renting a storage unit does not always mean that you need additional storage space-in fact, you may want to use it for hosting band rehearsals with your bandmates. After a storage facility manager has given you the okay to use a storage unit for playing music in, you need to look into converting your unit into an ideal place for playing music. With the following steps, you can avoid receiving noise complaints from practicing at home and turn a storage unit into an ideal place for playing music.

Maximize Protection for Band Equipment

Moving band equipment can lead to items being damaged due to the possibility of dropping something on the ground or things being shaken up while in a vehicle. To avoid this kind of damage, you can keep band equipment such as amplifiers and the various instruments in one place that can be locked up while not being used.

The added security provided by a storage facility, such as surveillance cameras and on-site security guards, can also help add an extra layer of protection for your band equipment.

Only Need to Set Everything Up Once

Along with the potential damage to your instruments by moving them often, it can also be inconvenient and takes up time that could be used for playing instead. With a storage unit that has been converted into a dedicated space for band practice, you do not need to regularly move everything or put items at risk of being broken.

Take Advantage of Multiple Unit Sizes

In order for you and your bandmates to be comfortable while rehearsing, you should opt for a storage unit that provides more than enough room. Since the unit will not be primarily used for storage purposes, you should consider the sizes available so that both equipment and your bandmates have plenty of room.

Climate Control is a Necessity

Damage can occur to instruments and other musical equipment if left in an environment that gets too warm or moisture is present, making climate control an essential feature. Along with protecting the contents of the storage unit when it is not being used, you and your bandmates will also be more comfortable while rehearsing with the presence of climate control.

Converting a storage unit into a location to host band rehearsals takes some work, but can reward you with a private space to enjoy playing music without noise complaints from family or neighbors. With the low cost of renting a storage unit (from Oakland Ave Storage), this can also be a great alternative to studios and rehearsal rooms. 

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