Grave Markers: Three Unique Ways To Immortalize The Deceased

Businesses that supply grave markers, such as can be found at, are enjoying an upgrade in the technology used to immortalize the deceased. If you are looking for a more unique way to mark the graves of your deceased family members, one of these new and technologically advanced head stones may be exactly what you are looking for. If money is no object, you may even be able to utilize all three of the following in one grave marker for someone truly special.

Laser Etched Grave Markers

Technology and art combine to create memorable grave stones. This type of grave marker takes any image, including a favorite photo of the deceased, and turns it into a laser-etched picture on the glossy marble stone. You can choose to laser etch just one area of the marker, or you can etch most of the polished surfaces of the marker with an all-over picture or design. Multiple fonts and text are also available for etching onto the head stone and may be included in the price of the laser etching of the chosen image or graphics.

The Voice of the Deceased Heard Again

If the family member chose their marker in advance to his or her death, there is now an option to record the deceased and inset the “voice box” into the grave marker. A push button mechanism allows anyone visiting the grave to hear the voice of the deceased, which may bring the surviving family members much comfort in the coming years. It is also a very nice way to share with future generations the sound of the voice of their ancestors. (The mechanism may require replacement batteries from time to time, but it is typically protected by a box and a cover over the microphone where the deceased’s disembodied voice speaks to the living.)

Holographic Imagery of the Deceased

In a moment that seems ripped right out or Star Wars or Star Trek, you can record your own image in a holographic projector and insert the player/projector into the grave marker. Die-hard space saga fans may even be tempted to record, “Help me, Obi-Wan….” or “This is the Captain speaking…”. When combined with the voice recording feature, it can be quite unearthly for surviving family members to revisit a grave and hear and see the deceased exactly as the living remember them. However, it makes a grave site completely unforgettable, and makes the deceased buried beneath equally unforgettable too.