4 Reasons To Sell Your Car And Rent One When Moving To A Low Car Tax State

Since moving is a major change to one’s life, most people tend to focus on the move itself until it happens. However, you can make a smart financial decision by selling your vehicle before you move away. If you were thinking about buying a new car at some point in the near future, you can use your relocation to a low car tax state as an opportunity to end up with extra money in your bank account.

Get More Money Selling to a Private Party

Trading in your car to a dealership when buying a car is a common tactic. However, while it is easy, it is not the most lucrative way to get rid of your vehicle. Selling your car to a private party is the most profitable, especially when you follow the right steps to make it look extremely appealing in your ads.

Rent a Car with Great Fuel Economy

The process of renting a car is simple, especially when you do it online. The car rental company can pick you up from your home, as long as your home is located with a certain number of miles to their location. If you are using a moving service to transport all of your belongings, you only need to worry about getting yourself to your new city of residence. An economical car is generally the cheapest to rent, and you can put the bill on certain credit cards to get complimentary rental insurance coverage.

Avoid Paying for Wear and Tear

Naturally, when you drive your own vehicle to another state, you have to factor in the wear and tear that it puts on your vehicle. It reduces the car’s value, which reduces how much you can sell or trade it for. By renting a car, you also do not have to worry about an unexpected breakdown.

Low or No Taxes on Your Car Purchase

Once you finish with your move, you should start looking at car dealerships right away. It is easier to shop for a vehicle when you still have your rental car to get you places. Some high-population states with no car tax include Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. However, you can still save money on a car purchase with states that have a low percentage, such as California, Alabama, and Utah.

Selling your car before moving might seem like a scary decision, but it can help you out financially. When you market your vehicle properly and move to a low or no car tax state, the savings is in your hands.

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