3 Signs You Should Contact Your Auto Insurance Company After You Retire

On your list of things to do after retirement, fishing or vacationing might be at the top. One of the last things that you might have thought about adding to your retirement list is contacting your car insurance provider, but the truth is, you could benefit from doing so. These are three signs that you should talk to your auto insurance company about this life change.

1. You’ll Be Driving Less

Now that you have retired, there’s a chance that you will be driving less. If you took public transportation to and from work when you were employed, you probably won’t see a difference. If you once had a long commute, however, you may qualify for a car insurance discount now that you aren’t driving as many miles each day. In fact, if you aren’t going to be driving much at all now that you don’t have to go to work anymore, you may want to switch to a plan that bases your rates off of your mileage. More and more providers are beginning to offer this option, which is tracked by a device that is installed in your car. Regardless, calling your insurance agent and discussing the changes in the miles that you will be driving each year could help you qualify for a discount.

2. You’re Now an Empty-Nester

If your college-age children have moved out of your house, you might qualify for a huge discount. Now that your adult children probably aren’t driving your cars, they could be removed from your policy. Since younger drivers can cause rates to soar, this can save you a lot of money. Even if you don’t want to fully remove your children from your policy — such as if they may drive your cars when home on spring or summer break — you may be able to qualify for a discount if your young adult children are away from home and won’t be driving your vehicles on a regular basis.

3. You’ve Hit the Retirement Age

Some insurance agencies offer discounts for those who have reached retirement age, so there’s a chance that you could qualify for a discount, unless you retired young. You may have also recently joined a senior citizen’s organization, which might also qualify you for a discount. It never hurts to call your insurance agent to find out.

Now that you’ve retired, it’s worth your while to take a few minutes to call your insurance agent. Then, you can save money on your insurance, which can give you more cash for all of those traveling plans that you might have in mind! For more information, contact an auto insurance company like NFP, P & C, Inc.

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Two Important Questions You Might Have About Commercial Insurance

There are few experiences that can be more exciting or stressful than starting your own business. While there can be immense financial rewards for successfully running your enterprise, there can also be serious liabilities for mistakes and accidents. To this end, you should make sure to invest in commercial insurance to make sure that you are protected from these risks. Unfortunately, there are some people that may not be informed about this type of insurance coverage, which can cause them to need the following couple of questions answered.

Do Self-Employed People Need Commercial Insurance?

A common assumption among some people is that only large businesses need this type of protection. As a result, it is common for self-employed individuals to avoid purchasing this type of insurance. Yet, you should be aware that these policies can offer self-employed individuals some valuable protections.

For example, if you were to suffer a serious injury and were unable to work for an extended period of time, it is possible to purchase insurance that can continue to pay you most of what you would normally earn working. While income insurance may be somewhat expensive, it can prove invaluable if you ever encounter this problem. Also, individuals that work from home should invest in these policies because most homeowner’s insurance will not cover damages done to a home based office.

What If You Can Not Afford Business Insurance?

Sadly, there are many people that assume business insurance is far too expensive for their budgets. While it is true that you will be required to make regular premium payments to retain this coverage, you should be aware that these premiums can usually be deducted from your end of the year tax bill. As a result, you should make in a point to retain copies of all your premium payments so that you can easily provide them to your accountant for the purpose of claiming these deductions.

Insuring your company against some of the more common problems that can arise is important for anyone that is just starting an enterprise. Unfortunately, it can be easy to be uninformed about this type of insurance if you have never purchased it before. This can cause you to make the mistake of rationalizing not having this protection for a number of reasons. By being informed about the important benefits of commercial insurance for self-employed individuals and the fact that these policies are tax deductible, you will find yourself better positioned for making sure you appreciate the importance of this protection. To learn more, contact a commercial insurance agency like Western Reserve Group

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How To Choose A Banner Stand That Will Be Easier To Transport

Even though you might like the look of a big banner stand display, you might be looking for a banner stand that you can easily transport to trade shows and other events. Luckily, keeping a few things in mind when buying a banner stand will help make it easier for you to take your promotional materials with you.

Keep it Small

Don’t fall for the idea that you need a huge banner and a huge banner stand. Although you’ll obviously want your banner and stand to be large enough to be properly read and seen, focusing on keeping your messages short and sweet and choosing the right colors and layout can be more important. Then, you can choose a smaller size of banner and stand while still making a big impact, and you won’t have to worry about lugging a huge banner and stand around.

Choose a Roll-Up Option

There are various types of banner stands for you to choose from, but one great option for portability is a roll-up option. Basically, a roll-up banner stand can quickly and easily be set up and put away, and you don’t even need another person to help you with set-up at your various trade shows and events. This makes a roll-up banner stand a wonderful option for taking with you to these events.

Look for a Matching Carrying Case

When ordering your banner stand, consider looking for a banner stand that comes with a carrying case. Even though you can look for a carrying case from another retailer, there’s a chance that it won’t be as good of a fit. If you order a banner stand that comes with a matching case and a shoulder strap, you’ll know that you have a perfect fit. This will make it simple for you to toss the case over your shoulder when you are heading to or from an event, and you can use your hands for carrying other items.

If you are in the market for a banner stand, you might have a lot of things in mind. Along with ensuring that the banner stand will do a good job of advertising your business, you probably also want to ensure that you can easily take it with you to promotional events. Luckily, if you consider these things while you’re shopping for a banner and stand, you shouldn’t have any problems taking your banner and stand with you to any type of event. Contact a company like Divine Signs Inc. for more information.

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