Is Your Staff Griping About Their Office Chairs? Get Chairs That Work For You

If you have several staff members complaining that the chairs they have to work in every day aren’t comfortable, and that they are cheap and flimsy, it’s time to invest in some high quality office chairs from a company like D & R Office Works, Inc. Taking the time to find great chairs for your staff isn’t just going to make them happy, but it can improve productivity and save you money in the long run. Here are a few of the features you should have on your list when searching for chairs for your office space.

Ergonomic Design

Chairs that have an ergonomic design are going to take pressure off the back and hip throughout the day, and help your staff avoid neck pain and other strains that occur when you sit at a desk for hours. The chairs should be adjustable and the seats comfortable, with arm rests and the proper design. When your staff can sit at a chair longer without distracting discomfort, they can work harder for longer with more focus.


Don’t buy one of the cheapest chairs you can find because it’s going to be easier on your budget; instead, invest in office chairs that will last. Find a chair that comes with a manufacturer warranty, so you know you aren’t going to end up needing to replace it quickly, and so parts and pieces don’t break easily.

Easy to Clean

Since the chairs are going to be where your staff may sit and eat or drink, and they will get scuffed and moved around, you want the chairs to be easy to clean. A material that is going to look good as long as the chair holds up is ideal. Avoid chairs that need to be treated with ointment to keep their luster and sheen, and instead get a fabric that can be wiped easily when needed.

These are just a few of the things you want to consider, and some office members may need special chairs to meet their disabilities or needs. If you have someone with severe back pain or chronic fatigue issues, they may need a specially designed ergonomic piece or a kneeling chair to help make work easier throughout the day. When you start to look at the office chairs available, find out if you can get a deal by making a large order in bulk, to save money on the high quality chairs that your staff desperately needs. 

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