Going On A Thru-Hike? Move Out And Put Your Items In Storage To Save Money

After you have acquired plenty of experience from hiking, you may be ready to go on a thru-hike. Some people go through a portion of thru-hikes, while others start from the very beginning. The Appalachian Trail is one of the several thru-hikes that you can traverse, which takes about five to seven months. Since it can also cost an average of $3,000 to handle all expenses related to the hike itself, you should have enough money saved up. Another beneficial thing to do is to minimize your other expenses, which you can accomplish by moving out of your apartment or home and putting your things into a storage unit.

Get Rid of Bulky Items That Need Climate Control

The main category of oversized things that you will have difficulty storing is furniture. Fortunately, you should be able to sell your furniture and buy used pieces at around the same price once you get back. The key concern is with wood and metal furniture because these materials are prone to moisture damage. Plastic furniture does not have this problem; you just want to minimize how much space you need.

The reason that you should avoid a climate-controlled storage unit is to save money. Units without climate control range from $75 to $140 for a 10×15 unit compared to $115 to $150 for units with this feature.

Equip Yourself with Moisture-Resistant Boxes

While you may be able to get rid of bulky furniture, you may still have art and documents to store. Unfortunately, these items are just as much at risk as your furniture pieces. But, you do have a solution for avoiding moisture-related damage by getting plastic storage containers that keep water out. Even when the boxes were submerged in water, the items inside did not get damaged. This should give you the confidence to purchase a few of these containers and use them to put most or all of your things inside.

Look at Facilities Outside Major Cities

Another factor that you have to consider with storage units is location. Most people are concerned with location because they want to be close to their home. But, since you are going on a thru-hike, your main priority should be saving money, which means picking locations far away from major city centers. Bringing your items to a small town nearby could lead to substantial savings over the course of your hiking trip.

With a considerable amount of money to spend on a thru-hike, combined with the fact that you will not be generating any income while you are gone, it is in your best interest to maximize savings on storage.