Fore Score: How To Gain Members And Noteriety For A New City Golf Course

Maintaining, owning, and operating a golf course is a significant undertaking. There is no part of a golf course that is allowed to go unmowed, unmaintained, nor is it permissible for a golf course to not properly cater to its members. Due to the large amount of time and dedication that it takes to maintain a golf course, any owner should seek out a golf course management team to run the golf course. One of your primary concerns should also be making sure that the golf course is full, which equals more money and more notoriety. Here are some ways to increase the memberships for your golf course in the city. 

Offer nearby apartment complexes discount membership

If your golf course is located in the city or near a city center, team up with apartments that are in the direct area of your golf course in order to recruit members. Offer a discount to members who join the golf course and live nearby. Those who live near and have easy access to your golf course are likely to become your top customers due to proximity. Offer to pay the upscale apartment complexes for advertising and offer specials for each member who comes from these apartments. 

Create membership levels 

Instead of just one standard membership, you can offer memberships that have different levels. For instance, the basic membership can include access to the golf course and a pavilion that provides a bar and snacks. Other levels of membership can include membership to the clubhouse, restaurant, fitness center, and events. By having levels of membership, you can attract people of all income levels with different amounts of income available for hobbies. 

Volunteer to host charity and golf events

A part of building up membership and notoriety as a golf course will be getting your name out past your general area into the state and into the country. To do this, you should volunteer to host or establish your own charity golf events. Those who tend to work on the boards of charities will take notice and ask you to hold future events that could build up your name in the community. You should also volunteer or go through the proper application process to host golf events. Following golfing associations and staying into contact with their event staff could net you a major event that makes your golf course a household name to players across the country. 

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