Want To Collect Marvel Avenger Pop Figures? What To Look For

Once you get your hands on a Marvel Avengers pop vinyl figure, you will likely want to get your hands on another. In fact, before you know it, you will be on the path to becoming a collector. Make sure you know what figures to look for. While all of the pop vinyl figures are great, there are some that are considered more valuable than others. Here are just some of the most popular styles you want to keep your eyes open for.

Exclusive Numbering

Typically, all pop figures have numbers on them. However, the format of the number can offer an indication of just how rare it is, particularly when it comes to the presence of a slash (/) mark. If you see a figure with a number formatted like, 001, this typically is just a reference to the series that it is a part of and doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a rarity.

However, when you see a figure labeled with a number formatted like, 1/100, this is something special. A number formatted in the latter style would mean that the figure was the first produced of only 100. This means it’s a rarity and something you probably want to grab.

Convention Models

Another type of pop figure to keep your eyes open for are convention models. Convention model figures are designed exclusively for a particular convention, such as Comic Con. To identify these figures, simply look at the box as it should state that it is a convention exclusive.

If the box is unavailable, the bottom of the figure should also include this information. Not only are they only introduced at these functions, but they are also only produced in very small quantities, making them highly valuable.

Defective Figures

In most cases, you wouldn’t want something that is considered defective. However, when it comes to collecting pop figures, a defect can increase the value of the figure. Examples of a defect include a figure without a painted face or even a color defect, such as a Hulk figure that is painted yellow.

These types of figures are rare, but if you do stumble across one, you definitely want to consider purchasing it. It’s worth mentioning that some knockoff pop figures often look slightly different than the original Marvel figures, prompting some people to think that it is actually defective. Before purchasing, make sure it’s an authentic piece with a defect and not simply a knockoff.

The more you know what to look for, the more valuable your collection. For more information, contact local professionals like JMS Pop Culture.

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3 Reasons To Hire Anti-Terrorist Security Services

One of the more useful services at your disposal is an anti-terrorist security service, especially if your business deals with large events, gatherings, or handles government contracts that can often become a target for terrorists. Listed below are three reasons to consider hiring anti-terrorist security services.

Readily Available

The primary reason to consider one of these anti-terrorist security services is in order to have access to security whenever you need it. While traditional law enforcement agencies are willing to handle security if they believe that there is a threat, they are often spread quite thin and will typically only be able to provide assistance when there is proof of a threat. With an anti-terrorist security service, you do not need to have definitive proof of a threat before they will provide security, you can simply hire them if you feel that there is a threat or simply to enhance your piece of mind.

Highly Trained

One of the biggest reasons to hire a security service of this type is to get access to a pool of very highly trained individuals. The staff hired by anti-terrorist security services are not made up of individuals off of the street, but ex-law enforcement and military personnel. In many cases, these services will also have placed a priority on ex-military personnel who were involved in counter-terrorism units while in the military. 


Finally, you will want to use an anti-terrorist security service because they can provide security in a wide variety of situations. For example, you can hire these security services to protect docks or airports while your products or people are being loaded. In addition, these services can also be hired to tag along on ships or planes to provide security while they are in transit and while they are being unloaded at their destination.

These services are also quite flexible in that they can deal with threats in a variety of ways. An example of this would be the fact that you can request that the service only resorts to non-lethal security measures. Since these services will have intelligence operatives on staff, you can also hire this service to provide purely observational and surveillance tactics to identify threats and pass that information on to local law enforcement.

Contact a security service like Security Services Northwest, Inc in order to discuss the many ways in which they may be able to assist you. These services are readily available, highly trained, and very flexible when it comes to the type of security that they can provide.

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