Displaying Rough Quartz With Minimum Side Effects

If you want to buy quartz to use as a decoration in a lobby or waiting room, you’re making a good choice. Quartz embodies that perfect combination of serene looks, scientific interest, and sparkly pizzazz (especially when the light hits it just right) to interest anyone and fit in anywhere. In order to keep the display looking good, though, you do need to take some steps to protect it—and the people around it—as you place it.

Stabilize It

No matter where you place quartz, be it in a bowl on a counter, standing on a shelf, or as a centerpiece on a side table, don’t leave it loose. Anchor it down with museum wax or quake putty; home improvement stores and online sellers will have these. If you leave the item loose, it could fly in a strong earthquake or fall off onto someone’s head. If you have the quartz up really high, and it falls and hits something, then you could end up with a mess of shattered quartz (individual crystals are rather strong, but a cluster could contain some that are not that secure).

Make It Noticeably Big

A bowl full of small quartz crystals can look nice, but the crystals are also easily stolen or moved. If lots of families with small children visit your office, the children could start playing with the crystals and leaving them on the floor, where they’re a hazard. Instead, make the quartz you buy noticeably big. It doesn’t have to be a giant piece, but make it something that no one can lift up, quake putty or not.

Don’t Forget to Clean It

Quartz presents a particular problem when it comes to dust. The crevices and jagged edges of a cluster of quartz can gather dust quickly, so cleaning is a must. Dust the quartz daily, and, every few weeks or so, give it a bath in water and mild soap (mild dish soap will do) and rinse well.

Pointy Things

Remember that crystal clusters often have several spiky individual crystals growing at an angle. If you do have a lot of children passing through the office, place the cluster well away from the edges of tables. You don’t want a child tripping and falling onto a point. The point won’t cut the child, but it can create quite a bruise.

You’ve got a choice of everything from basic clusters to large geodes when you go to buy quartz. Spend some time browsing and talk to a dealer like Crystals By Nature to find a cluster that will really look good in your office.

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